GNR Management Services is a Manufacturer independent provider of technical support services including onsite and phone for several third party brands. If your product is under warranty, the repair/online or onsite support & services maybe available free from the Manufacturer, please refer to Manufacturer’s Website or Product User Manual. Use of names, trademarks is for reference only.

Computer Tech Support

GNR Management Services is an independent tech support provider for hardware and software products and holds no affiliation with any brand, unless expressed or specified in written. Use of product names and trademarks from third-party manufacturers, developers, publishers or marketers is for referential purposes ONLY.

Customer Testimonials

Content or Materials under What Clients Say or Customers’ Voice that are published across the GNR Management Services Sites gnrsupport is unverified results shared by our customers via email with us, or posted on social media networks, and don’t guarantee the suitability of GNR Management Services or products to individual users.

Warranty Coverage

Product Warranty remains the obligation of respective original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), developers, publishers, or marketers (if expressed), and GNR Management Services disclaims, to the fullest extent as permitted by laws, from offering any such warranty benefits to the end-technology users.

Third-Party Links

The Website incorporates links of third-party websites wherever required, however, that is solely for the information purpose, and we don’t have any legal affiliation or control on products or information available on those.

Third-Party Troubleshoot Software

GNR Management Services may use free or paid third-party software tools to troubleshoot and fix technology issues with your due consent. For free tools like Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG Tune up, GNR Management Services doesn’t charge you. Otherwise, you are supposed to make payment as per the Payment Terms.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction rate that we express on our Websites is exclusively based on the feedbacks given by our customers at the end of each repair session. However, it’s not an actual representation, as most of the consumers skip the online survey offered.

Automatic Renewals

GNR Management Services will not renew any term-based plan(s) subscribed by you, unless you give a written consent as mentioned under the Payment Terms. For further info on our Terms & Conditions visit: TERMS & CONDITIONS

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