Refund Policy

“GNR Management Services will offer an unconditional 30 days Money Back Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the services received. Claims must be submitted to Customer Service within 30 days of purchase.”

Single-Incident Plan Refunds:

For Single-Incident Plans,

Unused Single-Incident Plans must be used within 30 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued for unused Single-Incident Plans after 30 days.

A used Single-Incident Plan is eligible for refund if the issue/incident cannot be resolved by our technicians. In this case, refund requests must be made within 7 days of the last interaction with a GNR Management Technicains. If a refund request is not received within 7 days, the Single-Incident Plan will not be honored for a future issue/incident.

Typical issues we cannot resolve (but not limited to this list only)
  • Hardware Issue – RAM, Hard Disk, Mother Board, Battery, sound card replacement, Cable for PC/Laptop or Printer, No BSOD due to overheat etc.
  • Software – Operating System and Office Products (If the CD is Not Available), Paid Antivirus installation (If CD / Key Not available), Financial Softwares setup, Window Administrator Password / Bios Password Recovery etc.are not supported.
  • Phones support.
  • Gaming Console.
  • VPN or Domain system Support not covered.
  • Mail Exchange Support not covered.
  • IP TV Support or TV internet support not covered.
Changes to this Refund Policy

GNR Management Services reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to update or otherwise modify this Refund Policy by posting such update or other modification at the Refund Policy page on the Website. Any update or other modification shall be effective immediately upon such posting. Accordingly, we encourage you to review this Refund Policy periodically to determine if it has been modified.

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